18 May 2011

Artist 89: Brooke Weeber

Artist feature time here on the Rally and there is someone we would like to introduce, and you should really read about, it's not all about the pretty pictures on Illustration Rally, though we are a visual blog, we also have great artists like Brooke who can give us all inspiration to keep at it and to never let anything stand in your way. Brooke Weeber is not only an illustrator but a qualified professional baker and how we'd love to see some of her tasty creations! That said Brooke has had the drive to really grab illustration and make it work for her. She has a light and delicate touch and uses her gentle yet complex naive style to great effect. Her work has a considered composition which brings in her elements without crowding the image, but still retains that depth and density that makes her work substantial.  When you have a distinct style and visual vocabulary it is really important that your work has that rounded appeal and can stand up on it's own. Brooke certainly does this as her work has a universal appeal tempered by her even style. Brooke Weeber's sweet style will grab you and draw you in, and you are sure to be won over by this multi-talented and determined illustrator.

Who are you:
My name is Brooke Weeber, also known as Little Canoe. I live in Portland, Oregon, a really supportive creative community of visual artists and musicians.

What do you do:
I'm a classically trained pastry baker by day and a determined illustrator by night. A bicycle commuter, I troll around on two wheels through rain and gusting winds gathering ideas and inspirations from this vibrant community I live in and our stunning natural surroundings.

How did you start:
I originally went to college for painting and graduated with my BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. I left my passion for painting far behind when I moved to New York City in 2005 to pursue pastry arts and attend culinary school. After 4 years of chaotic lifestyle working countless hours in thankless big city kitchens, I decided I'd had enough. When I returned to Oregon in 2009 my focus was on illustration. I got the ball rolling by doing poster and album work for local bands and haven't put my pen and paintbrush down ever since.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I'm an imaginative illustrator who brings humorous whimsical scenes alive through delicate washes of watercolor and intricate detail with fine point pens. Inspired pieces combine animals with people, mystical creatures with fantastical landscapes, and repetitive pattern with wide open spaces, always featuring an iconic subtle color palate and a playful aesthetic

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