20 Jun 2011

Artist 94: Emily Shaw

Artist feature time here on the rally and another up and coming artist with the right attitude and a grafters body of work. Impressive to say the least, Emily Shaw is a fine artist with a penchant for detail and that rarest of commodities in fine art, real true mechanical skill. She has a sharp keen eye, and can render with accuracy and delicacy. Her work is at once strong, with a depth and warmth brought through the detailed and caring shading, but also it is delicate with a gentleness that is often surprising. Her work is much more considered than standard technique heavy fine art as she has broken into the realm of the real, where her work is, and can be translated for mass consumption. She is erudite in her expression, yet not not introverted which is important to making a successful career in the commercial art space. I like her methods of communicating with her viewer. It's almost conversational, like a shared dialogue between you and her work. It's also worth noting that this work is constructed with considerable effort and her progress is already astounding with her career already on its way and this is before her graduation. Wishing her the best in all her endeavours it's Emily Shaw.

Who are you:
My name is Emily Shaw.

What do you do:
I am a fine artist that primarily focuses on illustration and I am currently in my third and final year at Kingston University, London. I'm setting up a collaborated project when I leave University where any artist, from any discipline, can create work and exhibit together from a quarterly brief. I also sell illustrated t-shirt designs to raise money for this project and any other artistic endeavours.

How did you start:
I originally went to college to study Fashion/Textiles but quickly realised I had more patience for illustrating people and drawing patterns than I did for actually making garments. So in my second year I took up fine art as well as continuing with the textiles course and eventually went on to do a foundation where my focus remained with fine art, mainly drawing and sculpture. Now at university and having almost completed my three years I want to focus on my drawing and become an illustrator.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
At the moment my illustrations derive from fragmented anecdotes recollected from childhood and pieced together to create characters, I wanted my drawings to hold more of an identity and ensure that the anecdotes would be remembered. With a lot of the story's I am not sure they are 100% true, manly my granddad telling tales...but who knows...maybe he really did find a taranchula spider in a crate of bananas, named him Fred and gave him to the zoo! This is one of the many story's I keep in my sketchbook ready to be illustrated.

For now all my illustrations are created using biro pens and inks, I love mark making and creating patterns within a drawing.

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