22 Jun 2011

Live drawing artist feature: Kristian Jones

It's another fantastic artist here on the Rally for you now, Kristian Jones one of the live artists for our inaugural event Paint it! Make it! Kristian will be showing off his amazing skills on Saturday so come down and check him out. With work like this you can't help yourselves to a slice of art pie. Kristian has a delicate touch. That is not to say his work is in any way light, it's more to say that his work is deftly and carefully executed. He has a great eye for composition and detail, providing the viewer with a visual feast from a few basic fundamental ingredients. Skill, style and artistry all combine to give that rich developed feeling from pared down and concise practice. His work has that meaty feel of something with a flow and a meaning. Each image drips with stories waiting to unfold. I truly appreciate the sense of suspense that his work generates. To observe his work is to be in a state of transition, almost as if, were you to look away the whole scene would play out until frozen by your observation, much like the Schroedinger's cat of illustration, to measure it is to destroy it. So instead just soak it in. Well worth your eye time and in the full knowledge of successes to come it's Kristian Jones.

Who are you:
Kristian Jones an aspiring artist / illustrator living in Birmingham creating weird and wonderful drawings from inside my head. What is it about live drawing that gets you going: In this case the chance to collaborate with an awesome illustrator! In general the freedom to cover large areas with lots of your work, without getting into trouble with the council.

What are your thoughts about the event:
Very excited! I think its a really well crafted event with some really great artists involved, that is all for a great great cause. If it weren't for Japanese art and culture I would probably never picked up a pen.

Kristian Jones is a freelance illustrator / artist living in the centre of the UK just outside of sunny Birmingham, producing work for magazines, clothing ranges and working for various bands and clubnights on the Birmingham music scene crafting posters and artwork of an alternative nature. His style preys on the innocence of childhood imagination, surreal worlds and fictional creatures, addled by fast food and modern culture.

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