14 Jun 2011

Artists 93: Tori Murphy

A wonderful eclectic artist for our latest feature. Tori Murphy is not only a fashion illustrator, but excels in textiles and fine art, with a great deal of fashion experience under her belt to boot. She uses her illustration expressively to bridge the various facets of her practice, allowing her to unite the different threads that run through her work with a more palatable fashion inspired style, that is at once gentle and fresh, with more than a hint of French style. Her work makes use of a well chosen palette and good structural composition, she uses a gamut of techniques in her massive range of work but each aspect of her creativity has the same gentle considered tone and hushed colours. She has a freer and more lively style in her illustration and it benefits from this by having that light hearted touch that perhaps she cannot accord herself in the more introspective field of fine art. If she continues building her work in this vein and allowing herself the freedom to create, I'm sure that the feeling of fun she experiences whilst illustrating will be equally shared with her viewers. Wishing her all the best in her many faceted creative life it's Tori Murphy

Who are you:
I am Tori Murphy and am based in between Nottingham and London

What do you do:
I work for WGSN, researching trends, colours and pattern and am an accidental illustrator.

How did you start:
I moved to London when I was 19 and instead of completing my BA in painting at Central Saint Martin's, I left to become a model agent. Many London Fashion week's later and a brief stint in styling, I decided I wanted to complete my degree and went back to study. I got my BA in Fine Art and then my MA in textiles from the Royal College of Art. I have since worked in Milan, designing prints for amongst others, Dior and Fendi. On my return to the UK, I had an interview with an interiors brand but I was unfamiliar of how to present my textile designs in the interiors context so started creating illustrated scenes and loved the outcome, so I decided to continue...

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I have got an eclectic background of fashion, fine art, textiles and interiors and have always felt like I have straddled them all, not wanting to choose just one. Illustration allows me to move between all of these areas, which suits me very well indeed!

Tori's links:
profaile on saatch

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