13 Jun 2011

Live drawing artist feature: Mr Millerchip

We have a feature now on the fantastic Mr Millerchip who will be gracing us with his magic pens at our upcoming Paint it! Make it! The dynamic live artist brings us some cool stylings with a mix of low brow art and graffiti culture, using his iconic characters that really draw you in and take you into his world. There is something both edgy and comforting about his work , it gives you that warm glow of skate and alt. culture with that elite slickness of a well established illustrator. Live drawing is that great mix of curiosity and involvement, where at once you are part of the scene, passively watching but at the same time you know that something magical is being created and you are witness to an ever changing phenomenon. Surrounded by art and pens, watching the work unfold is great, as the viewer and the illustrator have an unseen back and forth where influence flows both ways.

Live drawing is the bleeding edge of illustration and is one of the big influencers in shaping the modern game. If illustration is undergoing a renaissance then live drawing would be step ladder Michelangelo used to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It's a tool but more than that it's the leg up to a culture of creation, which will drive illustration forwards in new and unexpected ways.

Joel is one of these pioneers, blazing an epic inky trail through the heart of the urban environment, leaving dry pens like spent cartridges in the epic war against the mundane. Live drawing is just that, alive, fun and social, its drawing but inclusive.

Like the Web 2.0 of illustration, live drawing mashes all your worlds together. It's simple, you just have to be there...

Who are you: 
Joel Millerchip I'm a black and white illustrator based in Suffolk who visually communicates briefs by using curly haired characters, social situations, and story telling.

By noting down unusual and mundane aspects of life I have books and boxes brimming with stories and visual recordings that I use to to inspire illustrations for any briefs.

What is it about live drawing that gets you going: 
the challenge of problem solving when people are watching and the social aspect of it.

What are your thoughts about the event:
Stupidly excited about the collaboration with Kristian, catching up with a few chums ( i believe Stephen Chan owes me a brew? ), and hopefully help to raise a few pennies for a good cause.

A personal statement about you and your work:
work: I have a very obsessive approach to illustration, I carry note books and sketchbooks with me at all times to create a catalogue of stories and people, which are hidden away until the right commission comes a long.

From doodles of Crispin based characters to notes on absurd conversations, all is documented to help create ideas for comerical briefs.

Me: Proud Father, Loving Husband, & Illustrator

tshirt design: dunkun for ngngdesign
clarance b king: live draing at camden lock for Kitch-en gallery
sideme: live drawing at blowcreates exbo


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