12 Jul 2011

Artist 97: Christopher Morris

This illustration is originally created for Amelia's magazine

It's another wonderful artist now, with bags of talent and some serious skills. It's Christopher Morris, who is really carving a name for himself with his engagingly dark fashion illustrations. He has some really nice stylish set-ups with the classic fashion palette and structure running through his work but he also subverts the viewer and makes them travel down a slightly different path. He has a great ability to pare down the model to pure scaffolding, a Picasso like mural entertaining the idea of a face, bringing only form and flavour to her role. He makes the clothes stand out in a truly original way and this gives him great leverage to make some really stylish images using only the most anaemic of raw materials. Morris builds flavour and depth into fashion illustration and in his other work he unleashes personality, setting it up against a dark tableaux which unnervingly emphasises the character and motive behind his subject as much as their physical presence. A really good style, well thought out is going to bring in the bacon for Christopher, but we think it's worth enjoying for it's own pleasure. A pince of salt in a saccharin world, it's Christopher Morris.

Who are you:
My name is Christopher Morris, I am a recent graduate in BA(Hons) Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts.

What do you do:
I enjoy drawing and currently I am working on a series of portraits of anti-heroes. I am also producing fashion illustrations for None Magazine, Ribbed Magazine and Ballad Of...

How did you start:
I have been drawing from childhood and started higher education at Camberwell first a foundation course and then with a degree in Illustration

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work is driven by beauty, music, films, anti-heroes, fashion, death, obsessions and the darker side of life



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  1. Oh I am in love with Christopher's art!
    Fantastic interview :)