11 Jul 2011

Artist 96: Paul Shinn

A big warm Rally welcome to our latest artist, the magnificent Paul Shinn. Paul is one of those illustrators that can bring a smile to your face at the shortest glimpse of his work. He is instantly recognisable having both a great sense of style and a trademark wit. Paul has a great eye for good characters, and he deftly brings us celebrities, superheroes and penguins with the same irreverence and joy that shines through all his work. When looking at his work it is great that it raises smiles, but it's also worth noting, he crafts it well, and using clever composition and a bright appealing palette he can draw you in and give up something truly satisfying. Definitely one to watch, his dedication is to be admired, never giving up on drawing even after a stint in publishing, it takes guts to stand by your art and it's a great thing he did. So wishing him every success in the future, we proudly present Paul Shinn.

Who are you:
My name is Paul Shinn.I'm an illustrator living in London.

What do you do:
I draw stuff! I divide my time between working on commissioned illustrations, personal projects and drawing comic strips. My style is humorous in nature and I like to create images to make people smile.

How did you start:
I have always enjoyed drawing. When I was a child I spent lots of time drawing pictures and comics featuring my favourite cartoon characters and was always doodling in my textbooks at school. After a brief dalliance with Graphic Design, I graduated with a BA degree in Typography & Graphic Communication from The University of Reading in 2003 and then worked for four years as an in-house Designer with an art book publishers, producing page layouts and cover designs. I decided it wasn't what I wanted to continue doing, and decided to go back to drawing. I left my job in 2008 to enrol on a one year full-time MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and haven't looked back!

A Personal statement about you or your work:
As I previously mentioned, humour plays a big part in my illustration work. I combine hand-drawn and digital techniques in my work, drawing by hand and then scanning and colouring in Photoshop. I enjoy including references to pop culture in my work and get inspiration from a number of sources including comics, movies, books, music, video games, overheard conversations and dreams. I've produced illustrations for Amelia's Magazine and ShellsuitZombie magazine, as well as working with the Elephant Family charity. I am about to start work on my submission for The Sketchbook Project 2012 and Creaturemag's Creature ABC as well as a few other illustration projects. I'm so pleased to be doing something that I enjoy!


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