20 Jul 2011

Artist 99: Michalis Christodoulou

Artist feature time now, with an up and coming illustrator from the world of fashion illustration. Michalis Christodoulou is a London based fashion inspired illustrator who aims to capture the essence of style and female beauty that makes the fashion world tick. He uses inks and watercolours to great effect giving his work a translucent almost ethereal quality. He has a light touch drawing attention to places and letting others fade into the background. His work is at its most successful when he uses his draughtsman's skill to really great effect and incorporates dark strong lines and an almost scratchy rendering. His work is fresh and I'm sure that as he grows he will push it to the next stage, there are some really nice lines and flows in his capture of pose and style. As he builds on this and embellishes his style, he will surely use this to his advantage. I would love to see him move his work forward with his inks as he has a good eye for capturing motion. I really wish him the best of luck as he establishes himself. 

Who are you:
My name is Michalis Christodoulou, I am a London based freelance fashion illustrator. 

What do you do:
My fashion illustrations are hand drawn, using distinctive mixes of inks and watercolours. My current work ranges from editorial and advertising commissions to illustrating collections from the coolest designers and catwalk shows worldwide, for a variety of fashion magazines and fashion blogs. I also illustrate my own garment and accessories designs and have recently been featured in Amelia's Magazine, Ballad Of Magazine and Un nouVeau iDEAL by Filep Motwary.

How did you start:
I started drawing fashion from a very early age and always loved illustrating style, mood, beauty and cool outfits. Having an academic background of both mathematical design and art, gives a certain special edge in my illustration work. I recently started working for online fashion technology and styling, which further inspired me to completely focus professionally on fashion illustration and fashion art.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I love my work and it is purely inspired by female beauty, style, mood and cool designers' collections. The ultimate goal is to capture pure style and mood on a daily basis, either in the street or via catwalk shows, parties, collections and portray it the best possible way via features, fashion advertising and collaborations with the hottest fashion labels.

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