25 Jul 2011

Typography Rally submissions open

Illustration by Natsuki Otani

Hello all, the rally wouldn't be the same without some more open submission goodness for you guys to get your teeth into and your creative juices flowing. And it is with this aim that we are really happy to announce our latest rally. This three week open submission event aims to give you a chance to stretch your typographic muscles and show some of your hidden talent for the art of words. From time to time everyone experiments with text and whether you are a digital font expert or you love to cut, stick and scribble we want to get your text! As usual the usual rules apply, all rights are your own and we will publicise the hell out of all our posts do grab your pens pencils and styluses and get your funk on. As usual to keep it fresh we have some different themes throughout our three week rally. So if this takes your fancy and we hope it does please check out our submission guidelines and send us a text, don't worry it doesn't have to be new work. We are more than happy to show what you send! :)

Digital Typography: Monday 1st to Sunday 7th of August 
This is for you font meisters who engage in the dark vector arts, show off your text and your style over the first week of our Typography summer event. We can't wait to see your original fonts to keep us cool as we burn in the semi relentless, not so ruthless heat of the English summer.

Hand drawn Fonts: Monday 8th to Sunday 14th of August 
This is the place for all your hand drawn, cut out or constructed work, and we are really looking forward to seeing some really original and fun designs. So however you do it we would love to see it and don't forget to send us your links so we can shamelessly promote you!

Happy Birthday: Monday 15th to Sunday 21st of August
Whilst not technically our birthday, nevertheless we would love you to put pen to paper or pad and show us how your type does it's job. So please give us a lovely typographic birthday card, you can use any methods or media you like, simply follow our submission guidelines and have fun.

Submission Guidelines 
  • Please state which part of the rally you would like to appear in, when submitting your entry
  • Low res jpeg file please (72 dpi is good enough) as this is web quality, and my decrepit PC will die otherwise
  • Don't forget to send us the links to your portfolio sites, (blog, facebook, flickr and etc) if you are sending us your product, send us a link to the pages you are selling your products.
  • Send us a link to your twitter account if you have one, so I can promote you on twitter effectively.
  • Please send your work to illustrationrally[at]hotmail.co.uk with the title "Typography Rally"


  1. Hopefully will have time to do some submissions! :) http://samanthaeynon.blogspot.com/