5 Aug 2011


Exhibition news now, and we have a great one for you now.Upstairs for Thinking, Downstairs for Drinking is the first solo outing of the venerable Mr Millerchip who brought his own slice of awesome to our Paint it! Make it! event. Mr Millerchip's lovable style brings you the best in characters with humour and a certain elegance in their construction, creating a melange of edgy and clever characters set against tumultuous and stylish backgrounds. So if you have a spare moment, get your good self to The Pure Gallery and take in the untamed glory of Mr Millerchip! Check below for the dates and details.

The Pure Gallery proudly presents
collection of images created by Mister Millerchip

The UK based Illustrator has created a world of characters who appear within complex narratives, living out their lives in two tone splendour. 

Mr. M's first solo show “ Upstairs for Thinking, Downstairs for Dancing” depicts an oddly mundane 24 hour period in the life of Lars Arraday, a determined street preacher by day and a successful ballroom dancer by night. 

Black and white could not be any clearer which is perhaps the irony of the show through a simplistic yet sympathetic approach to his chosen palette, Mr M has indeed made a success out of creating thought provoking imagery that conveys a story of one mans obsessive desires. 

The show runs from the 1st to the 29th of September 2011 with a special view on Thursday the 1st of September 7pm till 10pm. Check below for the address and you can see the facebook page here!
The Pure Gallery 
151 Park View 
Whitley Bay 
Tyne & Wear
NE26 3RF 

The Pure Gallery
Mr Millerchip

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