1 Sep 2011

Artists 108: Michelle Last

Fun times here on the Rally with a great home grown illustrator now. It's Michelle Last, and she has some really sweet little illos for you to enjoy. A fan of tea and vintage clothing, Michelle has a knack for naturally loving everything that makes the modern illustrator tick, just goes to show that currently old is new and if it was good enough for our colonial forbears it is probably still good now. Michelle has a lovely open style that lets you in and gives you a warm hug and a sense of smug satisfaction. At once reminiscent of classic english cartoons, and children's stories there is something that makes you think of toys and fun when you see her cheeky little characters, worth exploring, her work has a shiny pleasantness that I hope she develops and builds on as she expands her repertoire. So please give a nice big illustration rally to Michelle Last!

Who are you:
Hi, I'm Michelle, a British illustrator living in the UK. I read, draw, collect cameras, take photos, and dress like a granny.

What do you do:
I draw what I call "illustrations" whilst working towards the dream of being able to make my living with them. I sometimes also create soft toys from felt, you can see some in my online shop.

How did you start: 

I've always been drawing and people have always said they enjoyed looking at my work, so I thought why not carry on with what I love and what other people seem to love too? I studied graphic design and illustration at university and since then I've been trying to break into the illustration world. It's tough, but I'm loving every minute of it.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I like to create fun characters that make people smile or react. It's all about engaging with people. As for me, I love taking everyday photos, vintage clothes, crocheting, and drinking tea. :)


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