2 Sep 2011

Artist 109: Magdalena Szklarczyk

A real burst of high technical skill and a flash of elegance from our next artist, Magdalena Szklarczyk. Magdalena hails from the beautiful city of Cracow, Poland and brings a prodigious talent to the field of fashion illustration with her slick and edgy work.Highly developed appreciation of the female form and beauty give her a really special touch when drawing her subjects that gets you straight into the image and the feelings that give you that over all scene, which is the best part of fashion illustration. After all, if you just wanted to see the clothes you could have a photograph, but if you wanted context and feeling you would turn to an illustrator like Magdalena who can give you the feel of the piece as well as the sense of movement and tension that you can only get with the level of extraction that you gain from an illustration. One level removed you can begin to get back to the interpretation of what it meant to the designer and what spirit they were capturing with the garment. Magdalena brings you this as well as giving her subjects their power back, they are real girls with great expression and vibrancy. They are portrayed as being as important as the garments with the knowledge and truth that clothes exist for people and that the reality is that these girls are in control just as they are the subject. If the models are the context of a garment, Magdalena's work gives you a window into the whole point of fashion. Her work, independently of anything else is highly mechanically skilled and her eye for detail is really commendable. She may have come to fashion illustration only recently but she is really onto a great thing with her work and the perfect ambassador for Polish fashion illustration.

Who are you:
My name is Magdalena Szklarczyk and I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Cracow, Poland.

What do you do:
My works are a mixture of ink, pencil, watercolor and even nail polish.
My illustrations are inspired by fashion and music.

How did you start:
I've been drawing ever since I could remember...but my experience with fashion illustration began last December.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I love what I'm doing.Fashion illustration allows me to combine my two favourite
fields: graphics and fashion. I love getting messages from people that liked my works,it's a wonderful feeling to be an inspiration for someone. But my dream is to fashion illustration has become more popular in Poland, we have so many talented illustrators here...


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