8 Oct 2011

Artist 115: Ramona Ring

A warm IR welcome to the fantastic Ramona Ring from Nuremburg, Germany. Still a student Ramona is already on the way to having herself a slick style with some great opportunity to make a name for herself with her sharp strong lines set against her pastel backgrounds. It's great to welcome an artist who can already be comfortable with her style and Ramona is just that. She is in command of a fresh clean approach which will push her straight into the deep-end as it's really saleable and on trend as well. She makes great use of digital methods, building on her hand drawn work with clever use of colour and pattern that not only gives a great texture but adds a sense of clarity and freshness. She does well fith her figurative work and her subjects are full of character with good efficient drafting which highlights the character and expression in her subjects whilst keeping her line simple and uncluttered. I think that this approach belies a good eye for detail which she will definitely use going forward. With her and others reaching out whilst still studying it is really good to see her with such a strong working style that as she refines will no doubt still retain her own character and strength with design. So really wishing the best of luck to Ramona in everything she does and I'm sure that her studies will give her even more confidence to achieve her dreams!

Who are you:
My name is Ramona Ring and I live in Nuremberg, Germany.

What do you do:
I study illustration and graphic design and I'm hopefully going to work as a full-time freelance illustrator once I have finished my studies.

How did you start:
At the moment I'm still at what I would call the start.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I like mixing handmade things with digital. I find it very important to start by only using pencils and paper. Once a drawing is finished I scan it and combine it with different elements in photoshop. I love to make patterns or combine textures and to think about what color combinations I might use. Sometimes I start working with nothing but two or three colors in mind, that I find cool. I get inspired by music, books or weird photos.


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