26 Nov 2011

Book Review: Hand Made Type Workshop

It's review time here on the IR and we have ourselves a great new book to take a look at now, Hand Made Type Workshop, created by Charlotte Rivers gives the reader an in depth tutorial style approach to learning different techniques useful in creating fonts by hand.

This seven chapter book is divided into two overarching sections. Character creation and describes in detail the processes and techniques that you can use to create characters for your home made typography with different methods, from found or installations to cut stitched or illustrated, digital and even photographed. Each chapter covers a set of these techniques which are presented by clever and easy to follow tutorials written by a number of artists, concluding with a gallery each chapter will give you several different perspectives on how to go about creating text.

The second section of the book deals with how to take your creation and turn it into a font, pretty essential to making a full set up if you intend to keep your lettering for other projects. 

In all the book is well put together with a great tactile feel and  a clear yet stylish presentation. Definitely one to take a look at, due to the variety of the content and also the clarity of the tutorials it's available on Amazon and  you can purchase it here

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