26 Nov 2011

Book Review: Tea and Cake

Hello everyone, its review time here on IR and we have a lovely book to bring you now, from an IR favourite, Emma Block published by hardie grant books. The book itself is a wonderful collection of great tea time recipes, from old classics like cucumber sandwiches and sponge cake, to cupcakes and tea cocktails. It is a refreshing book with 50 recipes that has a great take on the subject, though the real star of the show are Emma's gentle illustrations. Her style works exquisitely well with the tone of the book, her appealing illustrations and spots capturing the spirit of teatime with a relaxed cool palette describing beautiful recipes in soft colour.

This book is definitely worth a look, with a modern witty approach and good quality yet simple recipes you are sure to have a bank of classy cocktails and snappy sweet treats. A great modern book on that favourite English subject, the afternoon tea, under appreciated nowadays but having that perfect relaxing cuppa on a rainy day is something that I adore. I know how many of you guys also like your tea so if you want to make some cake to go with you can buy the book here.

Price - £12.99
ISBN - 9781742701943
Extent - 128 pages 

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