7 Dec 2011

Artist 117: David Ryan Robinson

Feature time again, and we have the naive stylings of David Ryan Robinson who although sans interview does have a great body of work that mixes humour with great staging and palette choices, with an extensive quality client list David excels in delivering his particular flavour of naivety that, often emulated and translated can be a powerful way of conveying the meaning or intent in a piece with an efficient brutalist clarity, it's worth noting that a naive style is not necessarily bound to the latest fashion or fad but does at it's heart contain a very useful visual language that illustrators can use to great effect. David has a great way of constructing his work that shows a decent eye for composition as he treads the line between complex and cluttered whilst utilising a gentle forgiving style that gives his work a great voice.

David Ryan Robinson
Freelance illustrator

David Ryan Robinson is a uk based illustrator and graphic designer who worked as freelance illustrator in Manchester for a couple of years, working with a variety of different companies which include the guardian, becks beer, the bbc, tba magazine, sports relief, the cornerhouse and afflecks palace. he has also had exhibitions all around the uk, including font bar and odder bar (manchester), nexus art café (nothern quarter), islington mill (salford) and leeds book fair (leeds). he has recently illustrated the latest album by allie moss, late bloomer.

David Ryan Robinson attended the University of Salford, where he got a degree in illustration and rekindled his love for chai and golden vanilla tea. he now works and lives in london.


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