12 Jan 2012

Fashion Illustration Rally result

We are very pleased to announce that Red Rock have chosen their winner for our Fashion Rally. We have had a great response for this rally and some wonderful entries from a our talented community. Due to the quality of the entries we are also giving out an IR choice award, which will net you 1 month of free advertising space, So without further ado here are the winners.

Red Rock Fashion Rally winner: Zoe Fay

Red Rock chose Zoe Fay as she was creative with the brief and represented the brand image, so congratulations Zoe you will win a fantastic Red Rock goody bag, and a month's ad space from Illustration Rally!

Illustration Rally Choice Award winners: By Rebecca Jay & Avril Kelly

Avril and Rebecca will win a month's ad space from Illustration Rally!

Congratulations guys, it was a tough choice. Finally a big thanks to our lovely community for making this such a fun rally, hope you will join us again in the future!

1 comment:

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