9 Jan 2012

Artist 122: Amanda Mocci

A new year and another new feature for you now with Canada based Amanda Mocci. Mocci is one of those illustrators who uses the rarest of commodities to great effect, hard work and mechanical skill. Her painstakingly constructed images build up gradually as she works out from her focus, the eyes into the rest of the image. It is a way of working that builds in her focal points from the off and informs the not only the composition, but the construction, her image radiates across the page. Her use of pencil and dark grey-scale gives her subjects a real tension which is a great talent, as tension and movement are aspects that can sometimes evaporate over a more lengthy creative process. She gives a smouldering intensity to her subjects so rather than spontaneity and movement her work gives us a sharp focus freeze frame that lingers in the eye like the after-burn from staring at electric lights. She stamps her authority in dark detail and uses colour to lighten and draw out elements to our attention. Quality work with a very intense creative process Amanda Mocci is sure to do well and we wish her the best of luck in everything she does.

Who are you:
My name is Amanda Mocci and I am from Montreal, Quebec.

What do you do:
I am currently working as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. On my free time I like to create personal pieces and I recently got into sewing. I am now working on a series of handmade fabric cases with my illustrations. Most of these personal pieces will appear in my exhibition which will happen hopefully sometime in March 2012.

How did you start:
From the moment I was able to scribble and hold a pencil. I was so entranced to create things that any moment I had I would get out my pencils and construction paper and just make things all day. I really hated being bored so I made sure that I was always busy. Even from when I was  young, I was always meticulous about detail. It has only been in the last 3 years that I have decided to make my passion into a career.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work is greatly inspired by music, people, and the universe. When I start a portrait, I always complete the eyes first. This way they look alive from the very beginning. Even though I love looking at color, I have a hard time using too much of it in my work. Color is wondrous but black and white are phenomenal.


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  1. cool sketch, black and white still rock !
    check mine ?