7 Feb 2012

Artist 125: Hadar Geva

We have a great artist up now for our latest artist feature. It's Hadar Geva from sunny Israel, and she is packing cute characters and cosy vibes to warm up our wintry days! Hadar wasn't always an illustrator but came to it through a combination of military service and genetics, which makes here sound like a bionic illustrator with super powers! Though not able to shoot lasers from her eyes she can break down a character into its concise elements and create a pared down yet engaging scene. Her characters efficiently draw you into the image with their expressive yet subtle rendering. Hadar has a gift to create work that is very open without seeming sparse or bare, with her subjects given room to be the centre of attention. Her touch seems light but her lines are sure and her mark-making style gives her work a very current feel. Hadar uses colour to her advantage with some very considered chromatic work and good choices of complimentary colours for her character design. Wishing her all the very best for the future it's the wonderful Hadar Geva.  

Who are you: 
I'm Hadar Geva, a 26 years old illustrator and Designer from Israel. I've recently graduated from Shenkar college of engineering and design where I majored illustration and design. I have a dog named Dana, I play squash, I'm watching way too much TV and most of the time I don't like olives.

What do you do: 
I'm currently working on a part time job as a designer at an Advertising agency (which is hard for a cynical person like me), and as a freelance illustrator and designer, in my free time I'm working on some personal projects.

How did you start: 
Most of my life I wanted to study biology, or being a vet, but in high school I realized I really suck at it. so I kind of gave up. later on I was drafted to the army (in Israel it's mandatory), and I was a system admin, which got me so board that instead of doing my job I started illustrating. In addition, I believe that it has something to do with my parents. my mom is a painter, and my dad is a graphic designer, tho my brother came out as a computer geek (and a really brilliant one).. I came out artistic.. so I guess I have some sort of genes as well.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
In time I learned how to use my disadvantage to my benefit. For a while I tried to be realistic with my style, and since I lack of any realistic skills it didn't look good, so I learned to be happy with my "crooked" hands and do my own thing.


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