20 Feb 2012

Artist 127: Laurindo Feliciano

Feature time! We have a real treat lined up for you with the amazing collage stylings of Brazilian Laurindo Feliciano. Laurindo is based in Paris and produces some of the most distinctive collage style work with hand made technique giving him a great tactile feel and a great base for his digital additions. Composite working has become the bread and butter of much of the illustration community but with convenience comes great responsibility and the ability to pull all the image levers you can to make the final product as efficient you can. In this way it is great that Laurindo can preserve his handmade feel so well and create such a multitude of texture. His work has an almost rococo feel and abounds with a luxury of visuals. His work leaves you satisfied, filled with imagery to break down and digest. Laurindo's work acts like a shattered mirror reflecting and fragmenting both culture and the viewer. you can look at his work and sees yourself, your eye engages with familiar and unique forms which at once imparts his message but gives a hint of introspection. Laurindo has a great eye for detail and his work is a pleasure to consume with it's concordant palette and many facets. A great feast for the eyes and the soul we give you the work of Laurindo Feliciano

Who are you: 
I'm a Brazilian artist and illustrator, born in 1980 and living in Paris since 2003. I'm graduated in product and interiors design. 

What do you do: 
I do collage mixing media like acrylic, tape, pencil and wax crayon. I always start hand-making and then I use Photoshop. I think that this is a wonderful skill, but a great work needs more than this. It needs a lot of research and a big sense of composition. My ideal work environment needs old paper, magazines and books, all kind of pencils and a wonderful light coming from my window. It is how my work gets shape. 

How did you start: 
I spent my whole life drawing and reading a lot. After I graduated, I worked in design and architecture offices in Paris for several years. I really loved this but I felt that I really needed to do Art to be myself. In 2009, I decide to be honest and turn this passion into my full-time work. 

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I'm inspired mainly by nature, animal behaviour, life x death and nostalgic images. My collage work is the visual response to some obsessions that I have since I'm very young, and I think it will never ends. I feel that my Artwork is changing and becoming something very intimate, unexplainable by words, only by images. I just want to do that for the rest of my life.


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