7 Mar 2012

Artist 131: Michael Powell

Artist feature time here on the Rally now, and we have a lovely artist by the name of Michael Powell. Michael is a multifaceted creative, with a diverse working practice that includes poetry, narrative, installation, collage and illustration. He has a working practice that seamlessly integrates all these disciplines into a cogent message, a sort of unity pervades his working style and Michael's work gives a sense of serenity in all of it's aspects. His illustration particularly drips with narrative, allowing the viewer to feast on the story as well as the imagery. Michael's work is self supporting like a geodesic dome of naturalistic intertwining fantasy, each working style supports and compliments the next and the combination of all with the same subject is the strongest. In this way it would be possible for him to tell a story from several angles, examining and developing the theme over different media. An extremely promising artist with a joined up style that works well, we give you Michael Powell!

Who are you:
Michael Powell.

What do you do:
I like to write stories and poems, draw pictures, paint creatures and make collages and installations.

How did you start:
I began with writing, but I always liked to draw. When I was little I was obsessed with drawing the starship enterprise and dinosaurs. When at uni, I met lots of amazing people who all drew, and then so did I, and found that the more I drew, the more I could combine this with my stories.
Things have developed from here really. I currently attend an imaginary drawing school, a place where i set myself projects based upon things I am interested in. The tutors are great, but the classrooms are hard to find.- see my tumblr blog for more info.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I am currently very interested in and influenced by Norse God, Aztec and Celtic myths, Hermann Hesse, Jorge Luis Borges, Alan Watts, music, the natural world and the play, nonsense and flow of reality as it crashes against my everyday life.

I enjoy using my imagination to create stories and drawings of another world made up of mythic and hybrid creatures, images and objects. Inspired by nature and its different connections, movements and relations, in an attempt of interpreting and explaining the world around me.


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