1 Jun 2012

Special Interview: Alex Mathers

A special interview now with Illustrator Alex Mathers, founder of the amazing Red Lemon Club and Ape on the Moon. He juggles this with a ferocious creativity that drives his illustration and his many epic side projects. Alex has a cool clean style which makes use of strong colour control whilst giving a free and delicate hand drawn style, his lines are smooth and flowing and his semi naive characters have a distinctive charm that is hard to match. Alex developed Red Lemon Club which delivers hot tips of the trade and is a great way of finding out how to make your way in the world of illustration. With Ape on the Moon he expresses his love of contemporary visuals in a super slick site which has to be one of the sweets spots on the web to reside. We have a great interview with Alex here so please check it out.

1. Who are you?
I'm a Tokyo-based illustrator from London, currently here to absorb Japan and learn the language.

2. What do you do?
I'm primarily a freelance illustrator, but I also write for, and run websites.

3. How did you start Red Lemon Club and Ape on the Moon?
Ape on the Moon started as a means to share my own work in early 2009, which grew into a site sharing the work and work processes of quality artists from around the world. Red Lemon Club is a place to share useful information for creative people.

4. You live in Tokyo now, how's life there as a creative?
I really like it here. Tokyo is a very inspiring place, especially for the kind of work I do, and I'm learning and seeing so much every day. There are plenty of events and things for creatives so it's great.

5. What is the plan for the future?
I plan to get vaguely fluent in Japanese, and keep growing my two sites. I'm also planning on creating electronic music as soon as I find a little more time...

6. Any messages for our readers?
Hi readers, keep doing what you're doing, and stick with it if you enjoy what you're making. You will reap many rewards if you stay with it.

For some core ideas on how to win more projects as a creative, have a read of Red Lemon Club's free guide here.

Alex's portfolio
Red Lemon Club
Ape On the Moon

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