18 Jul 2012

Artist 141: Danielle Lovett

It's been a while, but as our favorite thing is promoting great artists so it's a real treat for us to have the superb Danielle Lovett who brings us her fresh sharp patterns constructed from a plethora of found images with a great eye for their construction and placement. Danielle has a real strong sense of how many elements are needed to make a pattern that is both visually appealing but not overwhelming. the main thing about pattern design is that it is an exercise in balance. One that Danielle does really well in. Screenprint is a really lovely thing and we are always happy to see it done well and this is one of the things that sets Danielle out from the rest as a good finish and a sharp rendition can make all the difference. Danielle has a strong sense of style, her wok is very current and with her eye for a good shape or interesting nick-knack her work will only get stronger with time. Wishing her all the very best of luck in the future, it's the fab Danielle Lovett.
Who are you:
Danielle Lovett, a freelance illustrator/screenprint artist, based in Manchester, up ‘North, but with an urge to explore what the rest of world has to offer.
What do you do:
Go on hunts for ramshackle old books, magazines, postcards, tattered animal encyclopaedias and the like. I spend time with my little cat Zelda, searching for charming images to then form surreal patterns. I love to go on bike rides, adventures to parks and getting my hands muddy in the wilderness, which probably explains why i love getting my hands messy screenprinting and painting. I have also constructed my own screenprinting studio in my basement, which I am humbly proud of.
How did you start:
As a young one I always felt the need to collect things; bric-a-brac, old tat, tacky ornaments, teddies, nice looking twigs, leaves etc. I used to go with my grandparents to car boot sales to find things to add to my ever-expanding collection. I filled draws; shelves and walls full of old tat. I always wanted something stimulating to look at, whilst daydreaming away in my room for hours on end. This hasn’t changed; my room still looks like an overrun emporium of commodities. I think my work reflects this compulsion to hoard things that I have always had.
A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I feel my work is in its development stage, and needs some tweaking and adapting still. The general path it has been taking satisfies me, I want my work to be fresh and exiting, and for people to interpret their own story into my piece’s. I feel my work is flourishing in wallpaper designs and textile patterns, and this is what I really have a passion for. When I finish a collage and then repeat that over and over, my work finally blooms. I love the bringing in age-old mysterious elements, and combining those with a cosmic style. By bringing together found imagery, which already have many stories to tell, I feel I am creating a new story, and adding to the many layers.

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