26 Jul 2012

Feature: Pins By Lydra

Have a really great feature now, on Pins by Lydra by the amazing Linda Vydra where fashion meets illustration and everyone wins. Linda Vydra has a great concept where She collaborates with artists to put art on legs, leggings to be more precise, and you can get involved too. The collaborations are truly breathtaking and the designs are pin sharp. It's a really wonderful project with some great aspirations and some really talented collaborators. She is a force to be reckoned with so please take the time to read about Linda and her amazing project here.

Who are you?
I am Linda Vydra the designer behind Lydra and Pins By Lydra. I originally studied advertising and worked in the industry for 9mnths. I found that it didn't fulfil my passion for what I was wanting to do, so I went back and studied fashion design. Whilst studying I started making purses and selling them on Facebook and I guess it just grew from there.

How did you start Pins By Lydra?
I had a fashion parade about 2 years ago and it was definitely the beginning of Pins By Lydra. I made leggings to suit my outfits and it just got me really excited about the idea of using your legs as a canvas for art. I received a lot of compliments from people and finally got around to launching the label. It's been fantastic collaborating with artists and putting their artwork onto leggings. Each artist makes a commission of each pair of leggings and you can apply to become involved online here.

What is the plan for future?
To continue diversifying and growing. I recently received a grant for $30,000 from the City of Melbourne. The grant is to start a Creative Hub in the City of Melbourne. Designers will be able to come and use our services, laser cutting machine, a digital fabric printer and hire out sewing machines. I really like the idea of diversifying and growing the business.

What is your manifesto?
To continue making Australian made products by members from the local community. To foster continuing relationship with other artists and to continue being creative everyday.

How to submit to Pins By Lydra

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