21 Mar 2013

Artists 147: Anoik

A massive welcome to our next illustrator Rui Torres otherwise known as Anoik, who hails from Portugal our brand new base of operations, he has talent to burn and seriously needs everyone's attention right now. His work bursts out at you with that divine fusion of colour and line work that gives the viewer a sweet treat and a slap in the face wrapped into one slick package. Anoik has a versatile style that can turn to any project with a grim determination and a light touch, his work has a real clarity despite the often complex lines he never mixes his message and always delivers a live wire experience that not only draws you in but gets you pumped up. Its like a fusion of graffiti and graphics that stands up and asks to be counted. It's great to see someone turn their significant skill to such good use, so I for one think that everything needs the volume turned up and Anoik is the culture amp that will kick your asses and burn your beards.

Who are you:
My name is Rui and I'm also Anoik, I'm a portuguese illustrator and I'm into doom/drone/stoner music, blond busty girls and I love to work in illustration as different character, witch results in a "healthy-state-of-Schizophrenia". Add me on facebook and get to know all my "other"

What do you do:
I'M A ILLUSTRATOR - So good to write this and imagine that I'm yelling it at Portuguese Prime Minister's face.

How did you start:
I started on illustration right about the age of 20, after I've met my Illustration teacher in college. By that time I realized that with illustration I could communicate without being literal, or add more layers of meaning to my speech. Before that I was a kid with some little drawing skill.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Nice-looking-built-for-speed-brunette-girls, hentai and hot busty blonds (Milf level) make my day, but when the previous don't show up, illustration is enough.


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