1 Sep 2010

Artist 10: Gemma Randall

Gemma Randall is a dog loving multi talented illustrator/art director/ prop maker based in Bristol. She has a wonderful style with striking lines and flowing visual. She also directs the blog called OutSmart 2010 which embraces that special little invention, the smart car, check it out!

Who are you:
Gemma Randall is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Bristol UK.

What do you do:
I draw and paint sometimes by hand and rather more often via my Mac. I like to create striking semi real portraits mostly. I seem to be doing quite a few dogs at the moment but it's all fun work.

How did you start:
I used to work in the art department for TV but decided I wanted more control on my artwork and dreamed of working solo. I took the leap last year and it's been the best career move I've made so far!

A Personal statement about you or your work:
[I hate these] I'm a country girl who loves to draw. My work is quite varied but I really enjoy portraits, sometimes the subject dictates the style and materials I use.
I love my Mac but I am equally happy with a good pencil and my sketchbook. I love what I do and even when it gets tough I never want to go back to a proper job!

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