3 Sep 2010

Artist 11: Lana Hughes

Lana Hughes' portraits are so attractive, she captures the essence of people's character and their characteristics. She combines typography and illustration to make bold eye catching images. The quality and fun shows in everything she does.

Who are you:
Hi there, I am Lana Hughes, I am an Illustrator and typographer, and an all round fan of cats, beards, tea and toast!

What do you do:
I like to draw many things, the work I do typically consists of portraiture, animals and pattern, although I enjoy drawing just about anything really! Much of my work begins with hand drawing, scanning and then editing using Adobe Illustrator. I am very interested in the mixture of hand drawn and digital in Illustration.

How did you start:
The drawing began as a child..which later progressed into a hobby...which later led to a rather sizeable collection of paper and thousands of pens and pencils, then I knew I had to keep going as I was having so much fun! I then went to University gaining a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication, Image Rich studies meaning I then got to draw all the time! I am now a freelance Illustrator whilst I eat all this toast and tea I speak of.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I enjoy people watching, deep sea documentaries and patterns in nature, in which I take inspiration from to use in my Illustrations.

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