5 Sep 2010

Artist 13: Lea Wade

It's Lea Wade, Illustrator and comic genius who captures the spirit and vitality of her subjects with a wicked sense of humour. There is nothing more satisfying than a seeing a lively character with a cheeky realism and Lea is the lass for that. The irrepressible Lea creates superb insightful characters and you can learn a bit more about her, here!

Who are you:
Lea Wade (That's lea as in 'Dairylea' by the way), I can also be seen mooching around the internet under the guises of 'Leamonade' or 'Jammilicious' too.

What do you do:
In a nutshell, I attempt to make a living through utilizing my doodle powers. I produce digital illustrations, designs and characters for anyone in need of such things, from the comfort of my little studio in Bushey.

How did you start:
Unfortunately it's a bit of cliché as I was scribbling away as soon as I could hold a pencil. Although, I was pretty rubbish back then, I couldn't even stay within the lines! But still, I practiced consistantly and I knew the artistic route was the one for me (apart from a small wobble at the age of 10 when I first heard about life drawing classes. I abruptly decided that journalism would be a less embarassing option). I began my professional life as an illustrator 2 years ago during my 3rd year of university and really pulled my socks up when the remnants of my student loan finally ran out.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Even though I care about the aesthetics of my pieces, my work has always focused on the characters involved, even if they're just in the background I worry about anyone and every creature in the painting.
Expressing a character's elusive personality in one frame is my favourite challenge, and the most common, (yet oddest) phrase people say about my guys is "...I can see _something_ in them...". I dismissed this for years as a strange sentence my biased mother would reliably repeat at any oppourtunity, but at my last exhibition I was astonished to hear the same words parroted from an overwhelming amount of people, and curiously they always said it with childlike smiles and eyes lit up. I was pleasantly surprised and I took this to mean that I was doing a pretty good job as a character designer. So that's what my work is about, I don't do much by way of social issues and current events, but if your characters are flat and dull then I'm the go-to girl when you want something with a bit more life.

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