3 Sep 2010

Artist 12: Iamanoctopus

Welcome to the wonderful world of Iamanoctopus, and he is! Where to start on this multi-talented illustrator/artist and co-ordinater of beautiful Ballad Of magazine. Delicate and brutal, it's as much art as manifesto, absolutely adorable. Everyone will love Iamanoctopus as much as me! :)

Who are you:
Iamanoctopus – sea ink champion extraordinaire, fineliner heavyweight, master ink distributor, tentacle clad brush stroke maestro (and the list goes on.) - do you know, I think that one day I will actually believe I am an octopus. Hello, I’m Erd Yakingun.

What do you do:
I illustrate, I draw crude images, I draw funny images, I make things with my hand, I co-ordinate putting
Ballad Of magazine together, I enjoy creating in many forms. In a nut shell, I create things!

How did you start:
Well, it was such a long road to get here that I don’t know where to start. I’ve had so many shunts off the race course, only to drag myself back on it throughout my lifespan that it’s difficult to pinpoint when I started. I could go as far as saying when I was a small octopus and used to draw all over my granddads day-per-page work diaries. However, having completed my degree literally a couple of months ago, I think this is where I start. There’s a long way to go yet!

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Often, my work aims to be critical, sometimes satirical, but I don’t think it quite portrays that a 100% just yet. It’s more a whimsical stab at things that happen to be passing through my thought process that day. If it’s not ‘stabbing’ at anything, it just aims to provoke a passing thought or smile.

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  1. love the illustrations! and the Ballad of magazine is amazing