16 Oct 2010

Dreams are the Genus: Nightmares the species

As Halloween fast approaches we are all in the mood for the darker side of life! So it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Dreams are the Genus: Nightmares the species a book created by IR featured artist Tigz Rice which contains these fantastic artists: Tigz RiceMatt GrundyAudrey NewhousePeter TinklerKirsty GreenwoodNelson Evergreen and me Natsuki Otani!

“He came from the dark.

In the silence She, thinking herself alone
...And the moon opened it's sacks Exposing
Thighs, belly, breasts -

Lip-soft silver moulds

Like silks underwater."

Excerpt from the story for 'Dreams are the genus: Nightmares the species', written by Helen Calcutt.

Dark, sexy mysterious and fun this is the ideal coffee table chiller. We are lucky enough to have a sneak peek inside and announce this wonderful book is available for pre-order now!

And in a special IR related offer anyone who orders the book and emails me with their paypal receipt will receive my (I mean, Natsuki Otani...) two promotional postcards.

So without further ado take a look inside!

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