16 Jan 2011

Artist 60: Jessica Stokes

Another special artist for you guys now. It's Jess Stokes, recently graduated and finding her feet with a fresh detailed style that relies on sheer hard work and determination, and a lot of pens! There is more to this talented illustrator than her distinctive style, she has a superb level of observational skill that allows her to play with the dynamics of her piece as she constructs it. With work like hers that has such a level of effort to create she still manages to inject a sense of life and potential. There is a tension present in her images as if something is about to happen. There is a sense of unnatural calm with her cityscapes of long shadow and deep perspective. Her work is like a visual interview, finding out all the information an eye needs and presenting it in the most open and honest way possible. Heavily constructed work can sometimes lose its suspense or lightness but Jessica strikes a clever balance that I'm sure will deliver for her time and again. Please read about her here!

Who are you:
I am Jessica Stokes, a Batchelors of Illustration graduate fresh out of Camberwell College Of Arts, London. Having studied in the colourful South East London town of Camberwell, I continue to live and work there, currently undertaking a Membership and Publication internship at the Association Of Illustrators.

What do you do:
Since graduation and being launched into the big wide world, I like to keep my creative rhythm flowing by involving myself in several areas of interest. In the last few months I have produced illustrations for fashion articles on Amelia's Magazine blog, as christening gifts and as wares at Christmas markets. My other passion lies in arts journalism, having written art related articles for Amelias Magazine as acting Art Editor for a work placement. More recently I have had the opportunity to write exhibition reviews, book reviews and interviews for the Association of Illustrators and Varoom magazine.

How did you start:
Drawing has always been at the heart of what I do. Whether that be my inaugural steps into art at nursery with a clammy fistful of felt-tips and paper, creating illustrated wall hangings and handmade books with freehand machine embroidery for my textiles course at college, to studying for an Illustration degree and finally finding my feet and my illustrative signature that I hope will serve me well as a freelance illustrator. 

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
My most recent illustrations tell a story of the world around me, the idiosyncrasies and energy of the capital city. My work falls into several main themes – pen and ink, intricate detail and architecture, flatness and pattern. I love to take time over my art, with only my black Mitsubishi Uni-Pin pen in one hand and a pad of paper in the other, I work in as much detail until I am satisfied. There is no telling from one illustration to another when this will be.

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