17 Jan 2011

Book Feature: Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

It's our great pleasure now to feature this amazing book from Amelia of Amelia's magazine which many of you not only know as the place to find the latest in ethical fashion design but also as many of our readers and contributors have also been featured in her magazine. The book binds together thirty illustrators under the banner of fashion illustration and showcases not only their talent but the talent of a gamut of wonderful fashion designers.

Amelia herself says of the book that it is "A clarion call to listen to and to support all those who inspire change in this world"

And with her beautifully bound book featuring nearly fifty of the best in ethical fashion she can really be comfortable that her showcase is as excellently populated as it is designed. Many of the illustrators featured in the compendium are also regulars here on the rally and its a really positive community that she has given a great deal of support to.

The book itself is beautifully laid out from it's stunning pearlised front cover all the way through to its boxout features laid against vibrant patterns, its as tactile as it is visual. It's great to be able to bring you this feature shortly before her official launch and we will be the first to wish her the best of luck and get behind this driven exciting project.

So a big thanks to Amelia for this fresh and vibrant book, and a big nod to everybody out there that made it happen. With pleasure, it's Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Katherine Tromans

Aniela Murphy

Natsuki Otani

Yelena Bryksenkova

Krister Selin


  1. Still deciding what to wear......

  2. It's an amazing book! I got to know about this blog through Amelia's Compendium.