13 Jan 2011

Happy new year

Illustration by Natsuki Otani

Happy new year everyone, I was meaning to post this on the 1st January but totally failed at it as you know! 

It has been over one year since we started this blog and we are so happy with how it turned out. It was great that we started doing seasonal event rallies so we can share an even wider variety of work and it's easier for people to submit their work too. We are planning to do another one for Valentine's day so if anyone's got some loving (or even cynical) illustration inspired by Valentine's day, please feel free to send it in! On the other hand, the European country rally is taking a very long time as it's so hard to keep everyone in schedule, maybe I will do shorter rallies in the future but I still love all the work submitted for this rally, I hope it's something inspirational for you guys too. Our artist features are probably the most poplar post on the blog now, big thanks for my co-editor 300dpi for making it so attractive, I couldn't do it without him! Many people are interested in being featured on the blog and we are most likely getting back to you if you requested to be featured, but we are experiencing a lot of requests at the moment so your feature will take a while to post, but don't worry and we will let you know when it's posted!

We are hoping to spread the love around more this year so if you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to promote Illustration Rally or things you'd like to see from us, please feel free to shoot us an email.We would love to hear from you as this was all started for illustrators so you guys are critically important us!

Anyways, hope you all have a great 2011!

Natsuki x


  1. Ooooh Natsuki, the illo is lovely :D! Wish you an awesome 2011, filled with lots of creative adventures!

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  3. Natsuki's illustration is absolutely gorgeous!