4 Apr 2011

Artist 81: Katherine Verhoeven

Katherine Verhoeven is a wandering soul, who has framed a unique feel with a wide array of influence and creative outlets, she has so many things to create at the same time and it's easy to see why. Katherine's work overflows with ideas and metaphor, the eclectic combination of narrative and visual allegory, reminiscent of religious paintings, or wartime posters she has that great sense of un-reality that is complimented by a rich dark texture, and a pressing need to explain and explore. A fact that belies her love of visual storytelling. Her work has something of a comic to it, not necessarily in style but more in the fact that the information flow to the viewer is intense and emotive. She has that great build up of tension and darkness, tinged with a little black humour here and there, that is simply enjoyable and satisfying especially when entrenched in her trademark bold strong colour against stormy backgrounds. She has a real sense of style and uses it to promote some really fascinating communicative work. Please check her out!  

Who are you:
I'm from Kingston, but have lived in a few cities, including Perth, Australia. Now I live in Toronto, where I've been for the last six years, for school and friends. It's a beautiful city, and I'm happy to call it home. I started as an avid manga reader, then started reading all kinds of graphic novels. Now I make zines, and am working on printing my first graphic novel.

What do you do:
Illustration is where it's at: I'm working as a freelancer, with different clients. Graphic novels are still my love, and I work on a lot of little zine projects. I'm trying really hard not to be tied to only one form of creation, though. I love cooking, and run an illustrated food blog. I'm interested in installation art and typography. I want to get back into stop-motion animation. I think the more you do, the more you get back! The more ways you have of expressing yourself, the better, so I plan to learn for life, and discover new ways of transmitting my ideas.

How did you start:
Though I've always drawn for as long as I remember, I think I really got into it when I lived in Australia. I had a lot of spare time then, and got to work on a 300 page comic. I was 13! It was one crazy project! That was what really made me decide to make art my lifestyle.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
In this industry we're really asked to choose one way of expressing ourselves. Are you a children's illustrator, or editorial, or food, or advertising? I don't really want to get stuck to just one category, I would rather experiment and always have fresh, new ideas. I try to make friends with everyone, and see how people think, see what ideas they have. What are other people thinking of? What ideas can I have? It's all about ideas!

Katherine's portfolio

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