6 Apr 2011

Artist 82: Sams Ramona

A brand new artist feature for you now, Sams Ramona all the way from Jakarta Indonesia, has a brave brutalist style using harsh edge and bold line he carves some visceral imagery out, using a plethora of well known subjects and characters. He has an expansive style which draws on different influences to create something quite individual. Sams infuses his work with bite and grit not afraid to pare down his subjects to the most essential elements, he manages to draw focus and present loaded subjects, in a way that combines cynicism with wit but doesn't fall into the common traps and use traditional presentation. Sams has a unique take on the world and as he grows, he will definitely develop with a lot more to unlock. If he can navigate that thin line between fresh incisive comment and being swept up in backlash and counter backlash, he can present his work in that happy grey space where the motive is less important than the image and the effect. The delectable and mysterious Sams Ramona everybody.

Who are you:
I was a dreamer who lost in a dream world of illustration and a student of the University of Multimedia and Archipelago, studying in the faculty of art and design.

What do you do:
 I once took an exhibition in Jakarta, the exhibition named "Jakarta 32c". It is a biennial event design students in the city of Jakarta. This is the link to the exhibition site and this is my personal blog which contains my personal journey, sorry both sites using the Indonesian languages.

How did you start:
I started into the world of illustration because I liked drawing since childhood, I started something with a prayer.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I was me, you are your, my job is I, your job is you.

Sams' portfolio


  1. kewl! awesome Sam.. wanna wanna participated too! hows?

  2. all the pict above so amazing, i shout to him "GONDRONG ANJING! KEREN COY!"