5 Apr 2011

Book Feature: Soul Pancake "Chew on Life's Big Questions"

Art by Mario Hugo

Art by Julia Pott

It's another book feature for you now. Soul Pancake is a book that both asks and answers life's big questions. It was born from the Soul Pancake website created by actor Rainn Wilson and is an both a comic indictment of organised thinking and a source of wisdom and strength. The best way of describing this book is as a journey you don't know you are on but you realised you've already come a long way. Not only is the book fun and clever, encouraging interaction and it's own subversion but it does this in an elegant way with clear and fresh typography pitched against some insightful and beautiful illustrations. In this book the idea is the star and its a melting pot of the deep, the trivial and the life affirming.

The book itself is a fusion of images and text that is as vibrant as it can be without taking the shine off the ideas, Beautiful photographs meld seamlessly into anarchic text and incisive illustrations lend a hand to creating something that feels truly warm and innately good. It literally asks questions of you as you read and draws you into something you feel you should have known about since day one. It's gently effective, like a brick in a feather pillow it has a solid message but at no stage do you feel badgered or pushed. It lets you take the lead and take what you need from it. You can tell there is a craft involved and that it has a great deal of intelligent talent hammering it into this one concise volume, but yet it remains as irreverent as it can be whilst tackling the deeper side of the soul.

It really is a special thing to hold and to keep, in part as it's not only beautiful but a really vibrant idea filled guide to the spiritual side of your life.

A wonderful piece of heartfelt spirituality, here it is, it's Soul Pancake's "Chew on Life's Big Questions".

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