16 Apr 2011

Royal Wedding and Easter Rally

It's that time of year where the weather in the northern hemisphere grudgingly begins to warm up and with the rising temperatures and the prospect of being able to go outdoors it is a time to celebrate. And to kick off the festivities here on the Rally we have two brand new open submission rallies for you running concurrently. So give us your best and we'll give you a place to shine. As always all your rights are your own and you will be promoted in the usual places. So without further ado, here are our new rallies, submission is on throughout the rest of April.

Royal Wedding Rally
Those of you with your eye on the news or for those in England with their eyes open, you may have noticed there is a royal wedding going on! So we want your take on the event. Whether it's a happy tribute or a sardonic swipe, wherever you are in the world it would be great to know what you think of the whole thing,

Easter Rally
Festivals are always great things and this one comes with chocolate eggs. What could be more perfect than the unison of ancient festivities, death, rebirth and commercialism, so we are looking for another great visual response from you guys, it could be a deep polemic on the state of the world or a bunny with a bow, you can never have enough bunnies. ;)

Submission Guidelines 
  • For the Royal Wedding rally it would be great if you could give us a line in your submission email saying where you are from and what you, or your country is making of this. We'd love to know!.
  • Any form of art is welcome, illustration, photography, graphic design, animation and more.
  • Low res jpeg file please (72 dpi is good enough) so my old pc which has been giving me blue screen ever so often won't explode.
  • Don't forget to send us the links to your portfolio sites, (blog, facebook, flickr and etc) if you are sending us your product, send us a link to the pages you are selling your products.
  • Send us a link to your twitter account if you have one, so I can promote you on twitter effectively.
  • Please send your work to illustrationrally[at]hotmail.co.uk with the title "Royal Wedding Submission" or "Easter Rally Submission"

Looking forward to seeing some modern classics guys! 

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