15 May 2011

News Feature: Inkygoodness

Time for a feature now, not an artist feature but Inkygoodness. We already brought you the exploits from Berlin so now it's time to delve a bit deeper into the world of Inkygoodness and find out what makes them tick. With an almighty collection of great artists, and high end shows they are one of the slickest operations in illustration at the moment. It's a real treat to have an interview with their founders Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton here on the Rally. With Inkygoodness going from strength to strength and ever more ambitious projects in the works make sure you check them out. Inspiring and aspirational it's Inkygoodness!

Who are you:
We are Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton, founders & directors of Inkygoodness.

How did you start:
Michelle and I started Inkygoodness in 2008, and the idea was built on a passion for illustration and character design, developed during our degree courses and lots of trips to exhibitions and creative events over the last few years. The initiative started off as a small exhibition showing just our own work back in 2008, and quickly evolved into group shows with our friends and other like-minded creatives. Our aim is to showcase new and emerging talent in this discipline alongside more established artists working in the field, offering a unique oppotunity for networking and collaboration. To date we have hosted events and exhibitions in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester & Berlin respectively, showcasing work by a growing collection of artists from around the world. Berlin is our first international exhibition and we are very proud!

What's the mission:
Inkygoodness operates as a showcase for artists working across illustration, character design & lowbrow art. We provide a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase work alongside more established artists, which not only raises their profile, but also gives them the opportunity to meet and learn from their peers. So far this concept has been applied to a Live Draw Tour and group exhibitions across the UK & most recently in Berlin, but we are now looking at moving into publishing and have a few ideas for the first Inkygoodness book!

Personal statement about you and your project:
Live drawing events, exhibitions, interior walls, outside spaces…any opportunity to get together and make stuff happen – it’s what we’re all about! Our latest project 'Character Totem' brought together 35 artists from across the UK and Europe to customise their own Character Totem pole! Part of the official Pictoplasma Character Walk, the exhibition featured artworks by Jason Devine, Mr the Beef, Mc Bess, Log Roper & Liam Barrett to name a few. We're now preparing to ship the Totems back to the UK for the 'Character Totem Home-Coming Show' at We Are Birmingham in June - more info coming soon!

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