25 Jul 2011

Artist 100: Dale Edwin Murray

Keeping it short and sweet today with the ultra concise Dale Edwin Murray, and with an ability to say so much through his work it's understandable he can be as reserved as he likes! Dale's work is jam packed full of attitude, with its own dynamism that really gives it that little bit extra to make it stand out. The union of crisp lines, ace textures and a natural talent for colour use gives Dale's work the edge it needs to stand up in a crowd. Inspired by classic and retro images, it is easy to get lost when harking to the past but Dale keeps things fresh with cool clean lines and despite the classic and recognisable style he brings things up to date by his fresh but stayed palette and his use of texture. His work is very palatable and easy to consume, with an openness and a clear message. He doesn't dilute but sticks to his guns and gives us a tasty treat every time. His work is considered with a nice attention to composition and balance, this gives his work that box fresh appeal which is something that will serve him well in the future. Well without further ado, it's Dale Edwin Murray.

Who are you:
I'm Dale Edwin Murray.

What do you do:
I'm a freelance illustrator.

How did you start:
I started by designing t-shirt graphics and then moved into editorial illustration, greetings cards and art prints.

Personal statement:
My work is inspired by mid-century art and design and the quirks, idiosyncrasies and textures of screen printing.


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