27 Jul 2011

Artist 101: James Boast

Feature time again, and its a real treat for everyone today. We have the marvellous James Boast, who has a real sense of style and an accomplished working practice, just one of a clutch of hard working illustrators coming through Middlesex University at the moment, and James like the others we have featured benefits from joined up thinking when it comes to promotion and getting started whilst still studying. It will soon become standard practice for those intending to carry on into the industry to start earlier and poach clients even as they  down drinks on freshers week. It's a pleasure when we have someone here to feature who has all his bases covered like James. He has a good solid style which is the a great standpoint from which to launch a career, his use of moody marine colour really compliments his line and whilst he has a style it's great to see he is not a slave to it. One for the future he will surely be up there competing with others in his genre and as he explores and grows I'm sure he will keep developing with the confidence and intelligence his work already shows. So read on for more about this up and coming artist.

Who are you:
 I am James Boast.

What do you do:
I'm from Kent, but live in London. I founded FatbreadZine, a quarterly publication and I am a freelance illustrator.

How did you start:
I began a Btec in Art & Design after school and applied at Unis to study Fine Art, but the summer of that year brought a lot of doubt into my mind as where Fine Art could take my work. So I drew more and procrastinated and I eventually decided to take a Foundation Degree in Art & Design. This extra year was to help me make sure I was making the right decision.

Through this year, I learnt a lot about my work, my inspirations and different practices. After a couple more viewings of university I was sure I had made the wrong decision with Fine Art and Illustration was for me.

After three years of studying Illustration at Middlesex University, I am now a freelance illustrator. I got the ball rolling by doing some album work and some editorial work for Avantoure Magazine and I am currently doing illustrations for a children's book.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I like to create images that have atmosphere and depth, I love images that tell a story. I hand draw all of my images, and then render them with colouring and textures in photoshop.

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