1 Aug 2011

Magazine Feature: Saji

Here on the rally we are determined to bring you some sweet new things and let you know about some of the great artistic and creative goings on in the world, as such we present to you Saji. Saji is a magazine where food is the star and is combined with fashion and illustration in a beautiful melange which will have you salivating for more. From black burgers to delicate sweets Saji takes you in a direction you would never thought possible. It's really fun to have so many wonderful disciplines combined and gives people from every creative field something to feast on. Truly international, the magazine is printed in French, English and Japanese which fits cleanly into a solid yet gentle typographic style, such a perfect little package please take a look at this hyper exclusive gem of a magazine, and on a side note having made some of the recipes I can personally vouch for their tastyness.

The latest issue is Saji Wagashi, the Japanese sweets issue, featuring work from : MIHOTakashi Taima, Yoko Kogami, Sachiko Kanaizumi, Natsuki Otani, POSTICS, Clothes by Orphan Age.

We'll be doing a give away on twitter, tweet "Magazine Feature: Saji aka @mihosaji http://bit.ly/nS7DVD RT this tweet & 3 people get a free copy of Saji magazine #saji" then I'll pick winners from tweeters next Monday! Read on for an interview with the editor MIHO!

Illustration by Sachiko Kanaizumi

Illustration by Natsuki Otani

Illustration and photograph by POSTICS and MIHO

Who are you? 
I'm MIHO, I'm usually a photographer, I take photographs of food and objects for magazines, books and advertisement.

How did you come up with the concept for saji, why food, fashion and art?
I wasn't interested in eating at all when I was a child originally, because of that I messed up my health. Then a doctor told me that what I am eating isn't good, he said  What you eat today is what you will be 10 years from now. I thought "I didn't know that at all!", "If I only knew that before I would have done better!". There are so many magazines and books for people who love cooking, but there is nothing for children who are not interested in food, I just wanted to teach them what I learnt, so I thought "Let's make it by myself!" That's the reason why I put food, fashion and art all together in saji magazine.

I included What's saji? in this interview, it is a story of myself so please read it. I hope there will be less children like how I was, I started saji with the support of the artists who understands my this feeling. I believe eating good food will bring us good thoughts, if we think of ourself as a small universe, we will be able to have power of thinking for our great mother earth.  

what's saji?
Once upon a time there was a very fashionable and pretty girl. She was so busy shopping for new clothes, polishing her nails and dancing at night clubs that she had no time to even think of eating. Above all, her busy parents were always away from home, and dinner was a boring time when she ate on her own. If she got hungry, there were always tempting sweets or frozen dinners from the convenience store.

Then one day, to her surprise, she fell sick. “It’s because of the things you eat,” her doctor said to her. “What you eat today is what you will be 10 years from now, my dear girl.” “What am I going to do?” The girl felt hopelessly lost. That was when she met saji. “Don’t worry, my dear.” With a wave of saji’s magic wand, recipes appeared in front of her.
Cutting, mixing or baking, she simply followed the recipe. “Oh my, it’s a piece of cake!” She started to have fun cooking on her own. “Voila!” She wore a big smile, satisfied with the prettily garnished dish she had just prepared. Inviting her friends to her home and sharing the dishes she prepared, she was ever so happy. “You see? Cooking is something magical. No-fuss, no-rules! Just cook as if you were playing and have fun eating with a spoon in your hand. Isn’t it wonderful?” “OK. Let’s have some more fun!” After that the girl fell in love with food as much as she had been in love with dresses or doing her nails.

What nex for saji and you?
Next... after 11.3 Japan earthquake my mind is in Kodomo Shinbun (Child Newspaper) to protect our children. But the next concept for saji is already ready, it came up even before saji wagashi. I often think about security and reassurance after the earthquake, I want to give off the impression of true prosperousness and that we are thriving again.

I also would like to say, "To eat with people I love. Any meal is okay without frozen food and junk food" I think food is important so the situation of eating as more people seem to eat individually in Japan. The earthquake made me think that I want to be safe and sound and eat food with people I love!

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