7 Jan 2012

Artist 121: Hadar Reuven

Another feature now with the wonderful Hadar Reuven hailing from the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, Hadar packs in detail like no other with a style and palette in direct contrast to her sunny surroundings, with a palette of muted cool browns and earthy reds. She has a unique way of distilling down an eclectic style of intense complexity into a readable scene that conveys the message of her image with both grace and aplomb. It's great to see a style that draws you in and lets you really explore the image and Hadar manages this with an engaging tone and good solid compositions that allow her work to exist an image at a time as well as part of a story. Hadar creates a good flow and brings a sense of movement to her work that belies an animators training and this will stand her in good stead in the future. wishing her the best of luck in all she does we present Hadar Reuven.

Who are you:
Hadar Reuven, an artist and an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel.

What do you do:
I work as a freelance illustrator and writer for all kind of projects, from children books to murals and illustrated websites. I have just launched a graphic novel for adults, called "Andromeda sleeps" that I illustrated, produced and independently published. 

How did you start:
I've started painting when I was a little girl. When I was a teenager I have painted only big oil paintings. Four years ago, I started at "Minshar for Art" academy as an animation student and focused on scenery and character design. During my first year I have realized that what I love in animation is mostly the illustration part and therefore I have changed my major in second year to illustration, which I have graduated a few month ago.

A personal statement about your work:
I enjoy painting and illustrating in every form and technique I have met so far, mixing them up and trying new methods. In my opinion, having a narrative for each work, if came with the project or was added by me, is the most important part of being an illustrator, and that what makes it interesting.

Hadar's new graphic novel, this graphic novel is also available for sale on  etsy!

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