9 Feb 2012

Artist 126: Hyo Yeon Sophia Choi

It's artist feature time now, with our latest treat being the fabulous fashion illustrations of  Hyo Yeon Sophia Choi. This New York based illustrator is currently interning at Marchesa but takes time out of her busy schedule to drop some delicious illos on us. Hyo Yeon has style nailed, she is one of those fashion illustrators who has obvious mechanical skill and has honed her life drawing skills, she has great natural line selection giving her figures an ease in their construction and a way of painting tone so that it works as hard as outline. It's great to see an illustrator who can not only bring across the elegance of the clothes but also the humanity of the figure. Her work has a smoky almost intoxicating feel, the figures are picked out with just enough tone to feed your eyes and let your mind construct the rest of the image.What sets her fashion illustration apart is that she can choose to eliminate lines without the common issues of losing balance or rendering the model flat. If she can hold onto her ability to present vital, well constructed models with the elegance of the clothes enhanced by strong sensual context then she will be set for life. So with the best of luck in all she does, we present Hyo Yeon Sophia Choi.

Who are you:
Hello, I am Hyo Yeon Sophia Choi, and I am a student and a freelance illustrator based in New York City.

What do you do:
I am currently a Senior animation student at Fashion Institute of Technology, and also a freelance illustrator who mostly got into fashion and fashion illustration last year and so currently interning as an illustrator at Marchesa.

How did you start:
I was always a fan of animation and comic books and dreamed of becoming an animation director which I am majoring in bachelors degree now. I was looking for art schools and found School of Visual arts to enter the animation program. Then while browsing the website I found about illustration which was fascinating, before then I didn't know what illustration was. I planned to enter SVA but the tuition was too much and had to look for other schools and found F.I.T and they had good program with illustration. I received my associated in general illustration 2 years ago but for some reason since early last year I got into fashion illustration and till today I am so obsessed with it. Yes I am an animation student who has a semester left before graduation and is interning as an illustrator in a fashion company.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I just love to draw. I love big shapes, strong lines and drama with elegance and luxury. I just love all the beautiful things around me and enjoy to explore for more.


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