27 Feb 2012

Artist 129: Saung Hnin Yee Ko

We have a lovely artist to present to you know with Saung Hnin Yee Ko, this Burmese artist has a great talent for bringing us fashion illustration straight from the heart. Saung Hnin has a great, open approachable style that reflects the simple joy of the drawn figure, she revels in this, and she takes inspiration from the female figure and their representation in culture, with a body of work that reflects cultural influences from all corners of the globe combined with a homely and warm consideration of figure that reflects a deep affection for her subjects. Suang Hnin can vary her style as she likes to include a range of influences from cubism to world fabric patterns. She delights in the female form and her style reflects her love of female grace, I am sure that as she develops her style she will go from strength to strength and with the best wishes for all her future endeavours it's Saung Hnin Yee Ko!

Who are you:
My name is Saung Hnin Yee Ko. I was born and raised in Burma (Myanmar). I've also spent half my life growing up in foreign countries, so my work is inspired by different cultures and various artists. I now live in Tokyo.

What do you do:
At the moment, I am a freelance artist and fashion illustrator. I focus mainly on female figures in their traditional/ modern costumes. I studied painting at University but I didn't feel like I've gained much from school. There is something very original and unique about my work and I feel like I've always had it. That's why I want to keep doing it and hopefully, someday, I can make my passion into a career. 

I specialize in fashion illustrations and painting cubic-like figures. I love colors and I like to mix them up and create something new. Every time I sit down and draw, I can only think of tall, tanned, skinny, beautiful girls and how they walk gracefully on the runway. I am obsessed with exotic fabrics from all over the world. I would study them whenever I can and I would sometimes cut and paste them on my actual paintings. I've added real accessories on my canvas before and it worked! 

I like think out of the box and paint something no one has ever done before.

I'm so inspired by all those artists/ fashion designers who have done extraordinary works. Having lived in different countries definitely helped me understand people better and I'm grateful for that.

How did you start:
I started drawing pictures as a little girl, sketching all over my room and in my school books. I remember drawing pictures on the classroom blackboard and getting scolded for it! After high school, I chose to study painting at college and that was the best decision I've ever made. I then moved to Japan and now find myself doing a lot of art-related work, I got more and more inspired by Japanese artists from all walks of life. In the recent years, I've also started learning about their intricate craftsmanship and was greatly amazed by how they're always meticulous about detail.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I personally feel that females are the reason why this world is beautiful and my work is all about beauty and female empowerment. I'm proud of being a female and I want to express that in my pictures. My paintings represent females from all over the world. What they wear, their backgrounds and their unique features are my main focuses. It doesn't matter how they look or where they come from, I would transform them into something precious in my drawings. I'd like to keep learning about the world and keep adding more flavors to my paintings in the future.


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