6 Mar 2012

Artist 130: Cachetejack

It's Cachetejack now with their own brand of naive style that gives the viewer a crisp cutting edge experience with a light and fun flavour. Cachetejack have a slick way of giving the onlooker a smile, and their work has a real sense of life and fun about it that compares favourably with the more common use of naive style to give subtle hints without real attempt at comedy, they bring together some great talents with styles that work in concert to give a really nice package and a body of work that is both cogent and clever. They have some lovely publications that stress both thier talent at keeping up with thee current styles and their strong use of colour with some lovely palettes that really set them out from the crowd. Cachetejack are on the scene to stay and it will certainly be worth keeping up with them in the future as they are sure to be busting out with some more strong work. So without further ado it's Cachetejack!

Who are you: 
Cachetejack is Nuria Bellver & Raquel Fanjul, a bunch of illustrators based between Valencia (Spain) and Prague ( Czech Republic). We try to enjoy with our creative process to get funny and ironic images for the viewers.

How did you come together: 
We met at university 6 years ago but we started to work as Cachetejack one year ago. Our goal is work together since the last day of the world!

What is the manifesto: 
We wrote some manifestos because we don't like how art is considered in our century, so we talk about the commercial antique system as old-fashioned. We are living in XXI century and internet offers new ways to young artists that we have to learn to use!


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