7 Mar 2012

Exhibition News: JCRUZ retrospective and group exhibition

News time now with the fabulous JCRUZ, whose scarves are fast becoming hot property. With the launch of RISE & FALL  Joe Cruz has pushed his designs to new heights with their vivid colours and pop themes. A kind of sardonic swipe at modern candy-floss celebrity culture with more than a touch of great craftsmanship. Lovely objects by a great artist that you can see in person as now we bring you news from the Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill where JCRUZ will be taking part in a group exhibition between 6:30 and 9:30 on Wednesday the 7th of March. The images above are a retrospective from the launch of the new RISE & FALL collection. Below is a short press release from JCRUZ.

"During London Fashion Week February 2012, JCRUZ will launch its first ever collection, RISE & FALL, featuring a range of beautiful silk printed luxury scarves. The scarves are Made In England and feature the artist’s signature. Inspired by the bitter sweet highs and lows of a celebrity obsessed nation, artist Joe Cruz, presents his ideas in textile form using classic forms, bold line and bright colours."

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and see a slice of fresh hot art!


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