19 Dec 2010

Live Drawing Retrospective: Ballad Of at Jaguar Shoes

Remember the days before the icy snows set in? We do! Its a brief retrospective here of a rainy evening in deepest, darkest Shoreditch where only the pointy of shoe and quiffed of hair dare to tread. The warm friendly atmosphere, in the otherwise too cool for school Jaguar shoes was met with great appreciation and some Posca mashup action. Hard at work behind a barrier of sofas and well dressed people, the illustrators created a great piece of ephemera, there for only one night the work of some great IR regulars was themed around the phrase "don't forget to write" and formed a great backdrop to some awesome partying. 

This new group is looking for more opportunities to bring their brand of live drawing goodness to a wall near you, so if you can think of any places we can be please get in touch with any of the members!

That was Ballad Of at Jaguar Shoes

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