24 Feb 2011

Artist 72: Jim Spencer

A massive welcome now to Jim Spencer, an exciting illustrator with a strong line and an awesome sense of style. Jim is one of those who goes down the path of most resistance, he is not a minimalist and certainly not one to embrace the simplicity of naive style, for Jim its raw mechanical skill and a forest's worth of pencils that are his method of attack. Jim creates an intensity that is just impossible to attain with a slim line working method and every line that goes into each one of these painstaking creations is descriptive. It's really refreshing to see this level of creative involvement in the process of construction, and this is why Jim can tackle the intense complex subjects he does. Revelling in the texture of expression and the destruction wrought on a boxer's face, these are subjects that cannot be treated with more respect by Jim, his firm yet rich observational style bringing the viewer in and sustaining their gaze with layered complexity. Jim is one who doing things the hard way has truly paid dividends and his style is easily hooked into mixed media and collage for maximum effect. An illustrator with bags of skill and an eagle eye for detail, it's Jim Spencer! 

Who are you:
Jim Spencer, a London based lad with a paint brush for a hand.  

What do you do:
I try to make images that hold the viewer's gaze, I have an obsession with detail and will quite contently paint or cut lino all day. I enjoy the process of creating my work and I would like to think this is apparent in the final outcome. Even if I'm not working to a deadline I'll probably still be making marks, where ever I am i'll be drawing or painting something. Wrinkles, big noses and interesting eyebrows are currently some of the things that interest me and make me want to draw.

How did you start:
I've always drawn and I've always been happy creating images, this is why I can't see what I do as work. I'm just having fun. I studied art and design at college for 2 years before heading off to Middlesex University to study  Illustration, I've also completed a Life Drawing course and a Visual Communication Graphic Design course. My studies have definitely helped me develop my skills and have given me a good understanding on how the industry works.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I try to steer clear of illustration trends in order to produce work that doesn't have an expiry date. I like to use traditional mediums like watercolour but my intention is to do something fresh with them i.e. painting portraits of smashed up boxers (you can see these on my blog). So basically, I'm a young creative person working with old techniques attempting to put together something new and interesting. 

17 Feb 2011

Artist 70: Louise Wright

We have a talented new illustrator here already establishing herself with her brand of sweet and inviting characters, She is hammering out her style and its clear to see there is a strong progression in her work. She is moving towards darker more structured brown paper backgrounds which are both strengthening and stabilising which is important for her gentle characters. She has a great way of bringing her work alive that makes you instantly smile.Her work is considered but has a natural feeling that is really the bridge between something sweet and endearing and something that is cleverly constructed but seems contrived. Her work is not engineered to work, it just does, and does it with style. Her work is getting stronger all the time and as she moves through her creative journey we wish her the best. So here's to a mutual tea addiction and a up and coming talent. It's Louise Wright!

Who are you: 
I'm Louise Wright, a 3rd year Illustration student and Illustrator living in the big city of Birmingham. I love tea, cycling and damn, I love cakes.

What do you do: 
I pretty much immerse myself in children's books every day and strive to create something akin to those that I love the most. I almost live at my desk when I'm working because I will create a final piece and then make a cup of tea, come back to it and something will seem amiss..So I end up re-doing things a lot of the time! 
I'm in love with brown paper at the moment, I think it could be the answer to all my troubles.

How did you start: 
All the way through school and sixth form I've always been drawing in one way or another, then in college I took the plunge and embarked onto an Illustration course. 
From the very start I've always had stories in my head that I've wanted to illustrate, and fortunately (or not) I have a childish sense of humour, so it all seems to go well together...whether it's about a boy that gets an octopus stuck on his head or penguins that just want to be a little warmer in the cold winter :) 

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
My work is an escape, into a story about an adventure, or drawing friends I should like to have..The city has a tendency to get me down, and I miss the countryside a lot from up here, and so as lovely as Birmingham is I love to shut myself away with infinite tea supplies and get down to some serious drawing. 
Music is also a big inspiration to my work and I'm working with a local Birmingham fellow on his music video as we speak! You know I'm not in the house if my stereo is turned off :)


16 Feb 2011

Artist 69: Lindsey Spinks

Lindsey Spinks is our latest artist here on the Rally, so lets give her a nice warm welcome. She has a light delicate style that is re-enforced by her use of fine pencil lines set against bold naive figures, which have such an inviting glow that they draw the viewer into the work and keep them fully engaged. She has a very good line as well as her developed compositional style which includes elements of collage that generate a homely and soft counterpoint to her sharp thin lines and cool uncomplicated palette. Her work has a great unity of style and this is something that will stand her in good stead in the future. It's a strong position to be in when you have a style which works and is as charming as Lindsey's. Her style will certainly embrace you and not let you go, so find out more about her here!

Who are you:
My name is Lindsey Spinks and I am an illustrator living in London fresh out of Kingston University after studying a BA Honours in Illustration.

What do you do: 
My passion for illustration stems from my love of traditional drawing, I adore my mechanical pencil and I love attention to detail and fine lines. I’m quite old fashioned in my process, everything starts with a pencil drawing. I then scan in fabrics and textures and add colour and pattern.

How did you start:
When I was younger a friend and I starting a drawing club after watching the theatre production of cats. We would have sleepovers and pretend to be asleep and when everyone would go to bed we would get out our torch, fake fur folder, colouring pens and biro and get to work. We had different roles, I was always the drawer and my friend the colourer. We would make up names and stories for the cats. I have always loved drawing and even though I have had other jobs (I was a veterinary nurse for 3 years) I have always come back to drawing and never really stopped.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
The foundation of all my work is drawing. It is at the core of my illustration practice and the thing I love most. I love how illustration allows you to interpret different situations in a very personal way that differs to capturing the stillness of a moment in photography. Just by picking up a pencil you are offering the viewer your personal take on something and that is very special.

I am currently working on strengthening and adding diversity to my existing portfolio.

14 Feb 2011

Valentine's Day No. 35

Valentine's Day No. 34

Originally created for Amelia's magazine

Originally created for Amelia's Magazine

Valentine's Day No. 33

"I love your blue tits"

Valentine's Day No. 32

Valentine's Day No. 31

Valentine's Day No. 30

Lovely Valentine's day Illustration from the artists of Frances McKay children's books.
You can check out their amazing blog here and follow them on twitter!

Valentine's Day No. 29

This illustration is available as cards at Lola Home!

Valentine's Day No. 28

Valentine's Day No. 27