23 Jun 2013

Book Review: Watercolor, Paintings by Contemporary Artists

Amy Ross

Becca Stadtlander

Danny Gregory

Daire Lynch

Paolo Terdich

John Norman Stewart

Amy Park

Sujean Rim

Jane Mount

Fabrice Moireau

Well hello summer, hello everyone! We are having a great "summer" here in "sunny" Portugal with the scorching heights of 20'C, well I guess you can't have everything eh?

We have a book review today here on Rally with the absolutely lovely, Watercolor, Paintings by Contemporary Artists. The book showcases some great talent in the medium of watercolour with a wide range of styles and approaches, from the fresh crystal clear visuals of Daire Lynch to the sweet gentle tones of Sujean Rim, and the masters of the craft like Fabrice Moireau there are many eye grabbing uses of watercolour in great palettes. Every artist who is familiar with the medium will recognise common themes and reasons for using watercolour, it's unforgiving nature, the unpredictability. nowadays watercolour can seem like a noble challenge in the modern world of near infinite undos, and cloud based art software. Each set of plates is accompanied by a great little artist bio which gives you the scoop on what makes them tick.

It is certainly worth a look as the illustrations are stunning and the book itself is well put together, The artists are universally good, some are really top draw and the book itself is a great research resource as well as a nice thing to have for the sake of the artwork. Well recommended if slightly unimaginatively titled!

With much love, the IR.


  1. Hey! I was fortunate enough to be included in this book and enjoyed working with one of the authors, Leslie Anne Dutcher. Thanks for doing a report on it. John Norman Stewart

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