30 Nov 2011

Fashion Illustration Rally No.12

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Artist 116: Yiunam Leung

It's artist feature time here on the Rally and we have a great fashion illustrator lined up for you now. Yiunam Ling is one of those illustrators who can use the pared down approach that fashion illustration is known for, however she does it with an eye for detail and a sense of composition that sets her work out as something special. Yiunam pays great attention to the faces of her subjects which mean they lock eyes with the viewer and hold your gaze. She has a gentle touch with skilled brushwork that gives her work that translucency of traditional Chinese art that make her figures float. She uses this technique to great effect adding flow and movement that is the hallmark of good fashion illustration. the combination of intense faces and flowing faded figures give her work a ghostlike quality that allows her to infer more and leave out clutter or confusing elements, part of her skill lies in how successfully she can omit parts of her figures whilst still keeping the integrity of the image. Combining detail and lightness Yiunam has a refreshing style and is one to watch for the future.

Who are you: 
My name is Yiunam Leung, I am a fashion illustrator based in London

What do you do: 
Fashion illustrations, portraits with mixed media

How did you start: 
Fashion and art is what I love, combining the two is the perfect solution for me!

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
My work is greatly inspired by Chinese paintings and beautiful brush strokes. 

When I look at a design I try to capture the essence of the colours, concept imagining the flow of the designs and try to incoporate that in my illustration. 

I think the face is very important for me, this is where I start and probably spend the longest on, maybe 3-4 hours just on one eye building up layers and shadows, the rest I try to keep it more simple and suggestive using brush strokes etc like a chinese painting. I always relate the clothes to brush strokes and when seeing shows I imagine how I can translate from design to an illustration. I think this is important, because everyone can illustrate a photo from a catwalk, it may look nice but not very original, it is how you can see the clothes and how you translate them is important I think. 

clients include - vauxhall fashion scout, phoenix magazine, fault magazine, work magazine, fashion 156, urban retreat/Harrods to name a few.


Fashion Illustration Rally No.11

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29 Nov 2011

EGAKU+SMILE Christmas Charity Art Fair!

Event news now, with news of a charity event for a cause that is close to our hearts. EGAKU and SMILE JAPAN are holding a great art themed event packed full of fun things to see, do and buy, all in aid of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami appeal. They have organised a great action packed day out in the heart of Hoxton this Thursday, so make sure you pop out and take a look at their great lineup. Protip: they have handmade mince pies and mulled wine!

We are 100% behind these guys so if any one can make it or help out in any way please contact the group and check out their info below.

Christmas Charity Art Fair!

2 charity artists' groups "EGAKU" and "SMILE JAPAN" have now teamed up!

Date : Thu 1st Dec 2011 16:00 to 21:30
Venue: Designersblock, 32 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD
(off Kingsland Road, 1min walk from Hoxton overground station)

Months have passed but there are still so many people suffering from the aftermath and radiation from the earthquake and tsunami in March.It is considered that it will take over 10 years to restore the normal life over there.What we (artists & designers) can do is to contribute to them using our skills and work!

Art sale:Onsale will be zines, prints, original drawings, books and much more, from some of the most renowned illustrators and designers of today – Rob Ryan, Nobrow, Okido Magazine, Anorak Magazine, Jean Jullien, Laura Carlin, Frinton Press, Peepshow, Hato Press, Lazy Oaf & many many more young artists.

Workshop: Draw cards & make Origami for the victims in Japan who are still suffering from the disaster.

Film projecting: We'll project animations and films by talented artists. Join the showreel! (see details below)

Exhibition: Photo exhibition by a Japanese photographer Satoru Niwa who has taken pictures of the disaster since the earthquake was happened in North of Japan on 11th March 2011.

Refreshments: We'll serve handmade cakes, mince pies, beer, mulled-wine.

100% of the profits will be donated towards these charities.
-Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan (fumbaro.org/en/)
-Souma City Tsunami Orphans Aid (blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ippo_kizuna (website in Japanese)

We always appreciate your contribution by donating...
- Art work (Prints up to A3 size, crafts, zines, cards etc)
(Please bring them to the event or please send them to the address below!)
- Hand-made cakes (If you don’t mind, please bring them to our venue on the day!)
- Short movies, animations, music videos to play on screen in the event(Please contact us and final deadline will be on 25th Nov)

Please tell your friends about this event and spread the flyer attached on any SNS!

Unit A.104/6
Faircharm Trading Estate
9-12 Creekside

Twitter: @EgakuSmile
Facebook: Egaku and Smile Japan

Soju Tanaka
Chie Miyazaki
Yuki Nishimura
Nanae Kawahara
Kazuko Morishita

Fashion Illustration Rally No.10

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Fashion Illustration Rally No.9

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Ganbare Nippon: No. 57

26 Nov 2011

Book Review: Tea and Cake

Hello everyone, its review time here on IR and we have a lovely book to bring you now, from an IR favourite, Emma Block published by hardie grant books. The book itself is a wonderful collection of great tea time recipes, from old classics like cucumber sandwiches and sponge cake, to cupcakes and tea cocktails. It is a refreshing book with 50 recipes that has a great take on the subject, though the real star of the show are Emma's gentle illustrations. Her style works exquisitely well with the tone of the book, her appealing illustrations and spots capturing the spirit of teatime with a relaxed cool palette describing beautiful recipes in soft colour.

This book is definitely worth a look, with a modern witty approach and good quality yet simple recipes you are sure to have a bank of classy cocktails and snappy sweet treats. A great modern book on that favourite English subject, the afternoon tea, under appreciated nowadays but having that perfect relaxing cuppa on a rainy day is something that I adore. I know how many of you guys also like your tea so if you want to make some cake to go with you can buy the book here.

Price - £12.99
ISBN - 9781742701943
Extent - 128 pages 

Book Review: Hand Made Type Workshop

It's review time here on the IR and we have ourselves a great new book to take a look at now, Hand Made Type Workshop, created by Charlotte Rivers gives the reader an in depth tutorial style approach to learning different techniques useful in creating fonts by hand.

This seven chapter book is divided into two overarching sections. Character creation and describes in detail the processes and techniques that you can use to create characters for your home made typography with different methods, from found or installations to cut stitched or illustrated, digital and even photographed. Each chapter covers a set of these techniques which are presented by clever and easy to follow tutorials written by a number of artists, concluding with a gallery each chapter will give you several different perspectives on how to go about creating text.

The second section of the book deals with how to take your creation and turn it into a font, pretty essential to making a full set up if you intend to keep your lettering for other projects. 

In all the book is well put together with a great tactile feel and  a clear yet stylish presentation. Definitely one to take a look at, due to the variety of the content and also the clarity of the tutorials it's available on Amazon and  you can purchase it here